Finland is heading towards a major social service and health care reform (SOTE). One aspect the reform is trying to solve is the health care of elderly people. The plan is to get them to live at home for as long as possible.

Heikki Merisalo has lived in his house for 36 years. Until resently he was able to shovel his lawn, climb the stairs and go out fishing. Now he gets outside help with household chores. He also got a stair lift installed. 

Merisalo is glad he gets to still live at home. He admits that without close relatives it would be difficult to survive everyday life even with the professional help he is getting. He is also worried about the centralization of hospitals. After 6 o'clock the closest ER is over an hour drive away.

The general public in Finland have their worries about the new system. The question is, how are we be able to make sure that no one is left at home when they would need assistance 24 hours a day.

This photo series was made with journalist Minja Rantavaara and it was published in Keitos, a pop-up publication about SOTE-reform.

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